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The Falcon Academy Magellan Programme


Pastoral support combined with help in developing ways to manage M.E.

Magellan Seville

Combined Social Well-being, Life Skills and Cross-curricula low energy passive learning programme.

(includes opportunities for volunteering as a Mentor ).


Students then continue with Magellan Seville whilst choosing one, or both, of the following paths.

(Note: there are no set time frames for either path.)

Magellan Adventurer path


Leads to AS in Key Skills plus an optional Microsoft qualification. (Our Magellan Log provides a showcase for the student's written work.)

Note: Part 2 includes tuition for the relevant Key Skills examination.

Magellan Expedition path


Leads to AS/A2 in subject/s of the
student's choice.


Magellan Navigator
(Part 1)

Introduces written work component leading towards Key Skills Level 3 Communications portfolio.

Magellan Explorer

Finely graduated written tasks exploring one or more subjects. May also pursue assisted GCSE or AS level studies.

Part 1: Mentor assisted

Part 2: Tutor assisted

Magellan Endeavour
(Part 1)

Key Skill IT Level 2/3 portfolio.

Magellan Victoria

Students work independently at AS Level.

Magellan Voyager
(Part 1)

Combination social well-being, General Studies and Key Skill Application of Number Level 2/3 portfolio.

Magellan Elcano

Students work independently at A2 Level or higher.

Want to know where some of the names on the Expedition path came from? Go to: http://www.elizabethan-era.org.uk/ferdinand-magellan-ships.htm

The Magellan Adventurer cat is a picture of Able Seacat Simon who served aboard the HMS Amethyst he is the only cat who has ever been awarded the Dickens medal.

An innovative programme designed for people with ME
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