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gateway to a brighter future

Please click here to read the outcomes of Falcon's first pilot year. This not-for-profit organisation is now fully operational. If you would like to sign up for membership please contact 01823 289559.

For the purposes of this site we use the term ME to describe the condition. This is also known as CFS/ME.
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Our Vision

To create improvements in three key areas of your life: greater self-esteem through achievement, reduction of social isolation, improved access to intellectual stimulation.

We aim to enable you to improve the quality of your life in order that your ME no longer dominates your world.

We know how isolating ME can be, this is why we have created our Magellan Seville Programme. We will enable you to feel that you are a valued member of our community. We combine this with the development of communication and IT skills: thus enabling our members to gain a wide breadth of knowledge whilst facilitating each individual's exploration of specific areas of interest to them.

We know that there are many of you with this condition who crave intellectual stimulation, but because of varying medical and social restrictions you are not able to access others who share this need. If you feel this describes yourself then Falcon may be the right place for you.

Our Magellan Programme

Your social well-being is very important to us. We know how isolating ME can be. This is why our Magellan Programme focuses on:

  • enabling you to feel a valued member of our community,
  • providing social opportunities
  • helping you to raise and widen your aspirations
  • and so starts you on the path of realising your social and academic potential.

The two paths you can choose to follow, each has a logical progression and fulfils the varying needs of the individual.
Able Seacat Simon
Magellan Adventurer
Expedition pathway

Quotation marks

“Magellan has created more positive interaction with the family. I'm virtually housebound, it's enabled me to go to the outside world and bring something in.”
A quote from one of the members of Falcon Academy

An innovative programme designed for people with ME

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